Project 3

Eco-health hubs are formed through partnership with purpose-driven businesses and community projects that share the common desire to improve health and wellbeing outcomes in their communities. They support approaches that are both sustainable and work in harmony with the laws of nature.

  • Meet and share. Community hubs allow people with shared values around food, health and wellbeing to meet and share ideas while enjoying a space that reflects the same values.

  • Engage. Whether it’s through eating food or drawing ideas from menus or recipes, through purchasing ingredients bursting with nutrients and vitality or trying different ways to move and enhance your mobility, some of the experiences, information and products you acquire in the hub will be ones you can take home and incorporate into your daily life.

  • Learn. Vibrant health and resilience requires that every system in our bodies, as well as our social interactions and those with the world around us, are optimised. Not only that, we all need clearly defined purpose in our lives. Such sustainability hubs offer educational events or materials to help individuals explore their own potential through the common language of The Sustainable Health Foundation’s ‘ecological terrain’ – the bedrock of regenerative and sustainable health.

  • Co-create. Bustling eco-hubs in communities will help to foster business to business as well as business to consumer relationships that create vibrant economic activity, built through shared purpose both for people and planet. A win-win for businesses, communities, individuals and the natural environment.