Project 1


REVIVE! is an outreach programme designed to reframe and rewire food shopping and eating behaviours amongst deprived populations, using a holistic, ecological model of health and resilience.

The project aims to show how health and nutrition can be transformed by reconsidering dietary choices but without increasing shopping spend.

It is devised around the understanding that one size does NOT fit all when it comes to health. Dietary and lifestyle approaches must be personalised to respect cultural and individual needs and achieve individual buy-in. Crucially, they must be sustainable and cost effective. Individual mentoring and coaching, in a community-based local setting, is a key feature of, REVIVE! and will demonstrate to participants the big improvements that can be made without big expenditure.

REVIVE!’s core objective is to inspire and inform on better and eminently achievable ways to create health and, in the doing of that, to leave behind a community of health creators that will help to change their communities from the ground up – so that each of us can make informed lifestyle choices that create health, thus preventing disease rather than simply managing its symptoms as we do now!